Instaload: The Best Tool to Save the Brightest Instagram Moments

Instagram is booming today as the users’ favorite social network. There’s so much to watch and to admire! Fabulous photos, fascinating videos, educational stories… And all that comes without an ability to download and save materials on your smartphone or PC. That’s the rule of IG – only watching, no downloading. But should this stay the same? Not at all! With the use of Instaload, our free and easy-to-use saver, you’ll have all the IG content you liked at hand.

What is Instaload?

Instaload is a helpful assistant to anyone wishing to save photos and videos from Instagram to their PCs, smartphones, or tablets. While the function of saving is absent in the social network as such, with the help of our IG video downloader, you’ll save anything you liked in your thread. No more need to visit the accounts of bloggers you liked or to lose access to some paid video content – now you can download Instagram videos to any device of your choice and become their sole owner!

It often happens that you start out as a blogger or coach and consult your Instagram followers in stories or air some super-useful content. But you’re unable to save that content in any way as well, though you are its owner. Quite unfair, right? With Instaload, the problem of IG saves will never be a hassle anymore as you’ll choose which materials to store on your devices, and which ones will fall in oblivion in 24 hours or so.

How to download IG videos and photos?

Downloading an Instagram mp4 video has never been that easy. While previously, some experts used sophisticated means of recording the videos running on their smartphones on cameras (very complicated, isn’t it?), today Instaload makes you one click away from the video or photo you wish to get from the IG social network.

How to download Instagram videos, you might ask? That’s plain simple – you only need to run the Instaload app and get the video to your device of choice (either a computer or a smartphone). Here is the detailed breakdown of the steps you should take:

Log in to your Instagram account

Go to your content or the account of the blogger from whom you wish to get the video and open the target video.

Copy Video URL

After the video starts, find the “More Options” tab and copy the video’s URL. In case you are running the video on a PC, it’s even simpler – just copy the video’s URL from the address tab

Save Your Data

Paste the video’s URL into the Instaload input tab and click “Download.” After the Instaload is activated this way, you’ll see the Instagram video playing in its video box, with an active “Download” button beneath it. Just click on it, and here you go! The video will be saved to your device.

Depending on the format in which your preferred device stores and runs video content, you may also enact the Instagram video converter to make the videos compatible with your operating system. Good news: Instaload makes downloads to Windows OS, Android, and iOS equally easy and quick, meaning that you’ll never need to take extra steps or involve extra apps to have the IG videos up and running on your device.

What can Instaload.net do?

Instaload is an app allowing the instant download of any Instagram video to a range of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. With its help, you can also convert and download videos from IG in the format you need, be it mp3 or mp4. The process of Instaload’s work is very simple – by extracting the URL of the video from the social network, we get access to the source code and save the video content to your target device, making you just a couple of clicks away from the content you wish to get.

To date, Instaload is equipped with a range of attractive features allowing you to:
  • Download Instagram video from your account and the accounts of other users;
  • Convert the IG video format to mp3;
  • Download stories of your favorite bloggers and friends;
  • Download images from Instagram posts.

Please keep in mind that this functionality relates only to public accounts. Content published in private accounts can’t be saved this way, requiring additional features that you may find in the premium version of Instaload.